Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sox lose game, 5-1, and Papelbon for a week

Former Marlin A.J. Burnett tosses 3-hit CG

The struggling Sox could muster only 3 measly hits and 1 run (on a DP groundout) against Toronto's prized free-agent signee A.J. Burnett, a former teammate of Boston's Josh Beckett.
But the more important news came when the team learned that closer Jonathan Papelbon has a slight muscle strain in his pitching shoulder that should dissipate in about a week.

So add his name, and Schill's, to the injury list that now reads like an AL All Star ballot:
Alex Gonzalez
Willy Mo

Needless to say their season is over, despite the fact that Trot, Tek, and Gonzalez are all due back on Monday, with Papi a possible return that night as well. But what does it matter now? They are almost better off sitting these guys and letting them heal up for next year and really seeing what the kids can really do. Hey, David Murphy (sorry, Boston- Murph) had his first big league hit today. Because they're all meaningless games from here on out; so why risk further injury to your meaningful players?

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