Friday, September 01, 2006

Whaddaya know, Sox win 2 in a row

Sox win second straight but may have lost Papelbon

Has anyone checked to see if the Four Horsemen rode down Landsdowne Street in the past few weeks. Because with the way Red Sox players have been going down from injury and illness, there's got to be an apocalyptic explanation.
Yes the Sox won the game with 2 runs on a solo job by Lowell in the 2nd and a balk by Ted Lilly in the 5th. But that is basically lost in the face of the rookie closer gripping his shoulder after throwing a pitch in the 9th. The air came out of the stadium as he gingerly gripped his arm and was taken off the field just 2 pitches after he earned his 1st error of the season by throwing a pickoff into centerfield.

So the beat(ing) goes on down on Yawkey Way. On the same day that a starter is diagnosed with cancer and Papi extended his absence caused by his heart condition now the potential Rookie of the Year could be potentially out for the year.

It's time to get an investigator on the case to find out what is happening to this ballclub, and who's responsible. 'Cause this has gone beyond freaky and into surreal.

Will someone check Demon's locker for a voodoo doll?!

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