Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hapless in Seattle: Mariners Sink Timlin, Sox

``It was a good pitch," said Timlin of his offering to Beltre. ``It was 3-4 inches outside. I felt it was where I wanted to go or at least where it ended up I thought it was safe. I guess he was looking out there.
``I threw the ball exceptionally well. I can look at myself in the mirror and know I did exactly what I wanted and I got beat." Timlin in today's Globe

The scary part about that quote is that he said it with a straight face. This guy has made Julian look like Mariano Rivera lately, and all he can come up with is that lame s**t. How about: "I suck right now. I cannot pitch well anymore because I've led the WORLD in appearances the past few years and now my arm resembles a dryer vent hose. I am going to retire immediately to my ranch and hunt some more defenseless creatures to make myself feel better."

That's all I want to hear from him now,some accountability, because it's gotten to the point that you absolutely cannot bring him in with the game in the balance anymore. I literally got the same feeling last night when he came on in the 8th that I normally get when Julian takes the mound- we're gonna lose. No lie, I had that exact thought about 10 seconds before Adrian "Go on Take the Money & Run" Beltre blasted that aforementioned Timlin offering into the starry Seattle night.

The Sox had a good chance to win this game after getting another solid effort out of Boomer Wells: 7IP, 8H, 2ER, 1BB, 4Ks, 1HR; but it was that one HR, a solo shot to the newest member of the Sox Killers Club, Yunieski Betancourt (he also tripled on a ball that Coco wanted no part of), with 1 out in the 7th that was the beginning of the end. Up until then Wells had been cruising, given a 2-1 lead courtesy of a solo HR by Coco in the third and an RBI single by Loretta in the 5th. Then after the Mariners tied it, the Sox fought back to take a 1-run lead in their half of the 8th inning.

Papi started it with a 2-out double to left, and then ManRam (0-3 in his return) was intentionally walked. This set up a clutch AB by Lowell, who despite his 2nd half slump blooped a clutch single into left that scored Papi to make it 3-2 Sox. But then a strange play occurred that would come back to haunt Boston: Manny tried to get to third on the play, but 3B Beltre bobbled the ball after tagging Manny on the helmet. As Manny scooted to the base, Beltre caught the bobble, and 3B umpire Ron Mea Kulpa called Manny out. Inning over and a possible insurance run wiped off the bases,
All that was left to complete the implosion was Timlin's "good pitch" to Beltre, who had missed the previous 3 games with his latest injury-du-jour, who whacked it for a morale- killing, game-tying bomb that sent the SafeCo crowd into a frenzy. A few more hard hit balls later, the Sox had lost,and Timlin was the goat (again).

The club is now mired in an 8-17 month-long slump and have scored just 13 runs in the 5 games on the trip thus far, although they held ground in the playoff "races", 5 1/2 behind in the East & WC,thanks to NY and CHI also struggling. But even when the injured troops return, how is that going to make up for their other many deficiencies, namely lack of a bullpen, a meek centerfielder/leadoff man, and too many games to make up with too little time left in the season?
Buckle down, RSN, it's gonna be a LONG offseason.

Next game: Today, 4P (thank God!) @ SEA Snyder (3-2, 5.35) vs. Cha Seung Baek (who?!) (0-5, 5.40)- if they can't beat this clown, I'm done with them!

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