Sunday, August 27, 2006

T.O. = Turn (him) Off!

Haaa haaa haaa haaabahaaaa-pardon me, I'm just laughing my ass off!...hahahaaaa baaahhaaa haaa... Parcells & Jerrry Jones dealing with this..baa haaahaaabaaaa...prima dona a-hole...hahahahahhhaaaaaaaa...this is the most fun, well since Philly thought they could change him, too!
Dallas is like the girl who dates the bad boy, but when everyone tells her to break it off because it's getting too dangerous, the girl makes a long-term committment to the jerk and utters this infamous line to her protective girlfriend:
"But I know I can change him!"
Baaahaaahaaahaaaa... good luck, Tuna...hahahahahaah...and you thought Quincy Carter & his cannabis fever was annoying! Heeheee hooohooobahhahhaa...

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