Sunday, September 10, 2006

Early Game Halftime Surprises

- Buffalo 17, Pats 7
W.T.F. is going on in Foxborough? Pats need a wake up call-quick. Or a call to Branch's agent.
- B'more 17, Bucs 0
Simms is suckin' (2 picks), Ravens & McNair are rollin' ; not your grandfather's Raven team
- Jets 13, Titans 0
J-E-T-S ushering in the Vince Young era early?
-Cincy 17, KC 3
We knew the Chiefs had no defense, but no offense either; Cincy looking good
-Atlanta 13, Carolina 3
Same ole' Panthers' mediocre offense-that won't cut it as a SB contender

Why the heck is CBS showing previews of the US Open men's final BEFORE they show football highlights?!

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