Friday, September 15, 2006

Sox /Stanks opener rained out

The first game of the final series between Boston and New York this season has been postponed due to rain in the New York area.

That means the teams will play doubleheaders tomorrow and Sunday. Four games in 2 days. Without Manny & Papelbon. The last time these guys played a compacted series like this, 5 games in 4 days in early August, The Stanks flushed the Sox out of the playoff race with a demoralizing 5 game sweep (now known as the Boston Massacre II).

So we have an extra night to stew over what will happen in this series. Will the Sox regain some measure of respect by taking the series? Can Big Papi tie or break the Red Sox single season home run record of 50 (he currently has 48)? Or will Judas Demon be all over the bases again like a spider monkey on crack while Jeter goes 8-12 w/ 6 runs scored and swipes the MVP award right out from under Papi's nose?

Me personally I'm rooting for the former.

To paraphrase Ernie Banks: Let's play 2 (games each the next 2 days).

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