Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sox beat Birds-barely.

They get out to a 5-run lead then hang on for 6-5 win.
It was one of those nights where you just knew the game wasn't going to be as easy as it appeared, and sure enough by the end it wasn't.
Boston finally took a 6-1 lead after 5 scoreless innings courtesy of 3 RBIs from Coco and 2 from Youk, Tito tried to blow Boston's first road win in their last 6 tries. How did he do that? By bringing in Mike Timlin, that's how. He allowed 2 straight singles and a lineout by Miggy Tejada, then gave up a 3-run bomb to Ramon Hernandez to make it a 6-4 game. Tired Arm Timlin then proceeded to give up 2 more singles (one to Millah) and another RBI hit, this one to the immortal Jeff Fiorentino (no word on if he's related to Linda), a veteran of 50 ABs with 7 career RBI. Tito finally had to bring in Javier Lopez to shut the door; I just wish he would shut the door on Tired Arm's career as well.
Look Timlin has been a workhorse and a warrior for Boston over the past 4 years both as a bridge to the closer and the closer, but when the writing is on the wall it's time to let go. They have no problem jettisoning players who want too much money(Petey, Judas) or appear to be done (Seanez, Javy Lopez) but sometimes the stubbornness and loyalty of Tito, Theo and the Henchmen can be downright maddening. THE GUY CAN'T PITCH ANYMORE. Just like Foulke can't, Seanez couldn't, and Julie Tavarez couldn't until he became an emergency starter. Stop bringing him in in save situations. Let one of the prized kids like Hansen or Breslow or Delcarmen cut his teeth in these situations so they can get the experience. They will be with the club a lot longer than Timlin and these games are meaningless now anyway. Now's the time to get the kids in there and park the vets who are just playing out the string and counting the days till their pensions kick in.
Otherwise, good win.

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