Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sox Yanks doubleheaders start at 1P & 8P

Due to the rain out last night in the Bronx the Sox/Stanks final series of the season (mercifully for Boston) will consist of two split doubleheaders today and tomorrow with games starting at 1:00 and 8:00 both days.

The scheduled starters are as follows:
Game1: Beckett (14-10, 5.09) vs.Wang (17-5, 3.60)
Game2: Tavarez (3-4, 4.74) vs. Unit (17-10, 4.84)

Game1:Snyder (4-4, 6.54) vs. Wright (10-7, 4.60)
Game2:Gabbard? (1-3, 3.13) vs. Mussina (14-6, 3.59)

On paper those matchups look like mismatches for the Sox. Actually anywhere those look like mismatches for the Sox. But as they say, you don't play the games on paper so anything can happen. Gabbard is questionable due to his sore side muscle, and Schill will not return to the hill until Wednesday at Fenway vs. the Twins (in a series that no longer has any meaning whatsoever with Boston a distant 7.5 games behind Minny in the WC race with 2 teams in front of them).
Interesting side note: if the Stanks win 3 out of 4 this weekend they will clinch their 9th straight AL East title. Think they want that to happen against Boston or what? Oh and one more thing...

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