Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday Night Football: Let's play 2 !

Vikings @ Redskins 7:00 PM

Chargers @ Raiders, 10:15 PM

Tonight is a historic night for the NFL, its fans, degenerate gamblers and FF Geeks all over the world: not one but two Monday Night Football games tonight as ESPN takes over the franchise that ran for 36 years on ABC.
Not sure quite what to make of this odd phenomenon yet- it' so rare and unfamiliar that I'm not sure how to react. But plenty of people are reacting vociferously about the issue on both sides of the fence. The purists, and talk radio yahoos like JT the Brick(head) think that having 2 games on a night that has long been reserved for 1 "special game" is sacrilegious. But the people I mentioned above (especially the gamblers and FF Geeks) are acting like it's the second biggest day of the year. Not sure if they mean behind Christmas or the Super Bowl. But as I'm sitting here and Hank Williams is firing up the MNF theme song and it's only 6:30PM on the east Coast, I must say it does feel a bit...odd. But hey this is the new millennium, where we have instant replay in tennis & college football, Wild Card teams in baseball, college football on Fridays and Thursday night NFL games So what's so bad about a double dose of pigskin on Monday night?
Don't knock it, just sit back and take it all in. It's only going to happen once this season. And after 14 lbs. of food and nearly as many cold beverages, as the Charger/Raiders game is in the late 3rd quarter and the fans in the Black Hole are starting to look cool to you, just remember that you can thank NBC for paying a gazillion dollars to steal an institution away from a network and leaving the gamblers of the country in a double-headed Tuesday funk.

Did I mention that I am tied for the lead in the office pool and now need to sweat out 2 games instead of 1 to find out if I win the "jackpot"?

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