Friday, September 15, 2006

Man-knee probably done for the year

Well we knew this was coming. Manny Ramirez and his balky right knee are going to ride out the rest of the lost season on the bench, as it appears he will not attempt to play with his pateller tendinitis any longer.

ManRam has missed 14 games since Aug. 21st, when he removed himself from the final game of the BMII vs. the Stanks. Many in the Nation speculated that this was just another one of the mercurial slugger's prima donna stunts- you know, the Stanks just kicked our asses out of the playoff race, so I think I'll take some time off and chill with my son type of thing; in other words the latest edition of MannyBeingManny.

But seeing as that he has only appeared in 8 games since that day and he was hitting a paltry .091, maybe he really is hurting, huh Shaughnessey?

Whatever the case if Manny don't wanna play, Manny don't play. And if it happens to be the eve of a non-important series against those Stanks, a series where Boston could at least restore some of the dignity that was taken from them by these Bronx Bitches 3+ weeks ago, well it's no sweat off his back. What everyone in the Nation realized a LONG time ago is that Manny doesn't do what Manny doesn't want to do. Especially when it comes to playing.

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